About Us

Livingston's Arctic Cat began in 1966 with Gene and Marrianne Livingston. My father Gene had just completed his service in the airforce and returned home to start Livingston's Auto Repair. He began selling Moto skis in 1967 and Arctic Cats in 1968. We dropped moto ski's in 1975 when they were bought out by Bombardier. We still sell Arctic Cats to this day. Over the past 50 years we have sold many different products from chainsaws to mini bikes just to name a few, but our constant thoroughbred has always been selling Arctic Cat snowmobiles and repairing cars. Dad still works every minute of every day at 77 years old, he is a working machine. During most winters we will employ 20 or more mechanics in the sled shop alone. We recently turned the business into an LLC and are now known as Livingston's Sales, LLC., but it is still the same Gene Livingston, Marrianne Livingston, Steve Livingston and Samantha Livingston as well as our great crew making constant improvements to serve you, our valued customers, to the best of our ability.